About Us


 Car Stuff Has been a family run business since 1993. Scott Landers started the business shortly after serving 4 years in the Navy. He began the business by renting a storage unit in South Point, OH barely large enough for 1 car. He made flyers and would hand them out at different locations and would take appointments. Inititally the only service offered was window tinting. As a following began to grow, and the demand increased, he rented a small section of a warehouse shortly up the road from the storage unit. He then started offering other services such as detailing and car audio, with no display products. The customer would have to decide what they wanted via a mail order catalog. After a year of growing and demand increasing, he hired his brother Shane Landers, and began to train him in all the services he offered at the time (Window Tinting, Audio Installation, Detailing etc.) At that time he began to offer many more services and products. After about another year and a half at this location, he began to look for a location with more room and higher road traffic. He found a location in the west end of Huntington, ironically moving back into a storage unit but this time with 4 bays and direct road frontage. One bay was used as office and showroom, and the other 3 as installation bays for all the services offered.

The move was successful, and increased the average sales volume by 300%. which in turn created a demand for more help. At that time Scott hired his Mom(Debbie Wimer) to help with bookkeeping and Jeremy Hutchison who was well known in the area as an excellent car audio installer. business began to grow again, and Scott started to look for an even better location, aftter 2 years at this location, he found a new location on route 60 in the east end of huntington, unbeknown to him at the time, this was one of the most daily traveled roads in WV.

Another positive move for the company, the business began to increase again at a rate of over 400% monthly. With this increased demand, more staff was needed. Multiple people were hired over the years, but only a few have maintained with the company, Including Megan Shaffer , Dave Stephens, Shane Gartin & Chuck Lowe. There are many other employees that have worked with the company throughout the years, that Car Stuff still has a great releationship with, some of the most impactful employees throughout the years, Jimmy Billheimer, Summer Chapman, Andrew Westcott, Alex Altizer, Brandon Elkins, Rob Damron and many others. After a few years at this location, Shane Landers had begun Managing Car Stuff, after a couple more years, Scott had made Shane a partner, and after about 9 years, he had made Shane an offer to buy out Car Stuff to explore new endouvers, in which he anxiously accepted. The business has contrinued to prosper now, for a total of 27 years, thanks to the continued support of the Tri-state community and surrounding areas.

We have many customers that have continued to come back over the years, even after some of them have moved out of the area to other states. Many of them hold out getting services done in their new local areas and find the time to come back to Car Stuff when they visit their family in the Tri-State area. All in all there have been many changes at Car Stuff throughout the years, but one thing remains the same. To provide quality products and services to the Tri-State. We appreciate all our staff and customers throughout the years. And reallize that it takes a team to do what we’ve done over the years, and we look forward to serving the Tri-State for many more years to come.We ensure that you’ll be well taken care of!

The Car Stuff staff is made up of experts that are highly trained and thoroughly enjoy working with customers.  If a problem comes up that proves to be more difficult than normal, they use their team approach collaboratively to get the help needed to fix it.  We can manage any problem, big or small, regardless of the difficulty of your requirements. 

The services that Car Stuff provides are completed efficiently and on schedule with results that will exceed your expectations.

Call Car Stuff for a FREE estimate and to have our customer service professionals answer any questions that you may have.  Our careful approach to customer relations guarantees that we can provide the services you need, and, in a time when every dollar saved matters.